Thursday, February 19, 2009

in an attempt to procrastinate even more

I had a the vault of high school years gone by.

Then Livejournal was discovered. I'm still not quite sure why I opened an account, or continue to post monthly posts about my life. The number of individuals who post very personal information on blogs and livejournals is astounding, the sites are ALL public, right? Of course, comments like these may be a direct result from reading recent posts about surveillance. Who knows?

And then there's Facebook. I fully admit to being completely addicted to it. There have also been more than a few awkward encounters of "Oh hey, I knew this guy/girl from grade/high school. Are we really friends? Really?". That and an alarming number of photos involving alcohol in some shape or form. I keep telling myself that it's Queen's and the fencing team's fault, maybe I'll start believing it soon. If it weren't for those fantastic people, I probably would have done a lot more work, and devoted much less time enjoying life.

Let's see how often I keep this up.